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Michael Jackson was right.

March 30, 2010

Tooling around bike-friendly Gary?

You are not alone.

For I am here with you in your car-free-ness—and so are millions of others. That’s right, there are tons of other car-free individuals and advocates. In fact, there are so many of us that Wikipedia calls us a movement!

Here’s what Wiki says about us:

A broad, informal, emergent network of individuals and organizations including social activists, urban planners, and others brought together by a shared belief that cars are too dominant in most modern cities.

Also according to Wiki, our goal is to:

To create places where car use is greatly reduced or eliminated, to convert road and parking space to other public uses, and to rebuild compact urban environments where most destinations are within easy reach by public transport, walking, or cycling.

We done got ourselves a movement!

Now, all we need is a celebrity spokesperson and a theme song, and we’ll be among the ranks of Band Aid and Hands Across America.

Maybe I’ll come up with some lyrics in a future post—or maybe one of you lovely folks will compose some. In the mean time, let’s take stock of what we’ve got:

  • We’ve got individuals and groups working in harmony to create a world with fewer parking lots and more parks.
  • We’ve got citizens, activists, lobbyists, lawmakers, and city planners all on board the same big public bus in the direction of car-free paradise.
  • We’ve got each other.

We’ve got exciting things happening, like:

And, to be sure, things aren’t just happening in the U.S. (though we might be the place where the movement is most needed). They’re happening everywhere—from France to Mexico to Indonesia to South Africa. And I think they will continue to happen.

That’s why I’m here each week: Because I believe in the car-free movement.  

I also believe that Michael was right when he said, “If you can’t feed your baby, then don’t have a baby.” Fewer babies means fewer mini-vans.



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