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Just when I thought New Belgium couldn’t get any cooler

April 20, 2010

Be still, my heart.

I heard that the progressive, eco-friendly, Fort Collins, Colo.,-based brewery of Fat Tire fame has this project called “Trade your car for a bike” (TYCFB).

An ultra-cool, semi-reality-TV-style project, TYCFB combines:

As you might have guessed from the name, it involves individuals trading their cars (which are donated to a local nonprofit) for bikes (which are ultra-cool New Belgium commuter bikes). It also involves the individuals making a pledge before an audience at one of the stops of the annual Tour de Fat and having the first year of their car-free life filmed.

And this ultra-coolness from a company that already has my heart, as it:

Getting back to TYCFB, I know you want to participate, so here’s how:

  1. Create a 2-minute video about yourself and why you want to be car-free. For more details, go to the TYCFB page.
  2. Submit your video to New Belgium by uploading it in the events section of New Belgium’s Facebook page or emailing it to
  3. Wait for New Belgium to notify you—at least two weeks before the Tour de Fat celebration in the city you’ve chosen—to let you know if you’ve been selected for TYCFB.

And while you’re waiting to hear if you won, better sign up for the ultra-cool Team Wonderbike.

God, I love this company.



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