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I need an apple cap and some knickers.

July 8, 2010

Get your car-free news right here!

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

Hot off the car-free presses is issue #58 of the Carfree Times, in which J.H. Crawford “report[s] regularly from the front lines of carfree life in suburbia.”

Published four times a year by, the Times is a handy round-up of both car-free info and general eco-news. In addition to a brief update on the writer’s car-free life, this issue contains:

Also in this issue, Crawford shares with readers the source of his car-free resolve. His parents were in a car accident that left his mother on a ventilator for the final three and a half years of her life. Before their recent deaths, both of his parents endured much suffering, a majority of which Crawford attributes to the car accident.

“Kicking the cars out of our cities is essential to improving our way of life,” he writes.

Subscribe to the Carfree Times, and look for the next issue in September.


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