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Writing and Cycling: Is there anything better in life?

October 14, 2010

Worth the read.

I love cycling, and I love the written word.

So, a well-written book about cycling is something in which I truly delight. I invite you to delight with me, as I share this compilation of elegant, powerful, and/or amusing excerpts from the book I just finished reading, Pedaling Revolution: How Cyclists are Changing American Cities by Jeff Mapes:

The U.S. was once considered a world leader in traffic safety. Now, in the developed world, you largely have to go to the old states of the Soviet Union to find roads that kill a higher percentage of the population.

But now, bobbing lightly in the exhaust-filled urban streams is a new addition: the bicyclists.

… well-dressed men and women, riding upright on shiny bikes … only their document-packed saddlebags hint at a day of serious desk work.

In 2008, for the first time in more than 20 years, Americans actually drove fewer miles than the year before.

There’s something about cycling next to the warm metal of a two-ton vehicle that focuses the mind.

I watched as [the cyclists] rode off into the warm night air, chatting companionably as they glided down the quiet street.

Cheers to writing and to cycling!


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