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How is an iTunes library like a sofa?

February 15, 2011

If only every road had two, like us!

You never know exactly what you’ll find in them.

Exhibit A: “Shoulder” by Adhamh Roland

I discovered it last week while scrolling through my music library for something I haven’t already overplayed—and there it was right at the top of the alphabetical list. I’m not sure how it got in there—maybe from my old housemate, Christopher.

I can’t be sure, but I do know that it’s now my have-to-listen-on-repeat song of the moment. It’s about biking on a shoulder-less road and praying for survival—an experience to which many a cyclist can relate.

I love the song for its cycling story, its clever rhymes, and its twangy, cracking vocals.

I also kind of like that the word “mother f-ing” is screamed in it. Screaming along is pretty cathartic. Some other lines I like to scream along to are:

  • “No, I don’t mean [a shoulder] to cry on—just one that I might not die on.”
  • “My day-glow vest is my only protection.”
  • “Well, I’m not trying to toot my own horn, ‘cause, well, I ain’t got one.”

It’s also cool that Roland is a feminist and queer-positive activist, an ardent cyclist, and a fellow Midwesterner.

Better quit reading and go have a listen!


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