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A Tiny Bit of Good News

March 20, 2012
Designer bike helmets

Is this taking fashion a little too far?

Today, I’m proud of my place of employment, the University of Colorado Denver—or at least one med student who goes here.

The student is giving away free bike helmets to kids, along with the message that protecting your head is cool.

My bike helmet is obnoxious. It’s baby blue with tropical flowers all over it. I bought it—this will come as no surprise to those of you who know me well—because it was the cheapest of the bunch.

I have a high tolerance for dorkiness, especially in the name of conservation of the environment’s resources or my own personal funds. But most kids are not immune to fashion, as I tend to be (for better or worse).

I’m pumped that one person at my university is giving kids hip headgear, so they can be cool and safe.


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