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Have you seen this photo?

March 22, 2012
"Ride your bike" gas pump


This image has been circulating around Facebook quite a bit lately. I’ve seen a few of my friends post it or “like” it. My friend, Martha, shared it with me personally, since she knows I’m into cycling and car-free-ness.

And, I agree that the photo, and its message, are cool, but what really struck me about it was that I hadn’t even realized gas prices were rising.

Sure, they’re basically always going up, and with the economy the way it is, all prices are getting higher. But I didn’t realize gas was significantly on the rise right this very minute. That’s because I don’t buy the stuff anymore.

My clearest memories of filling ‘er up involve a 10-dollar bill. 

I hate to gloat (actually, I’m OK with it), but my life doesn’t include automobile fuel, so I don’t have to worry, stress, and gripe about it. I count myself lucky for that.

Nevertheless, I appreciate an artistic photo of vintage paraphernalia with a good message. Anyone seen any other cool car-free images lately? Share the link in a comment!


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