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A Walkable Lunch

March 29, 2012
Kaos Pizzeria

That's not my bike or my pizza ... but I wish it was. (PHOTO CREDIT: Kaos Pizzeria website)

Don’t you love it when you discover a new favorite lunch place? Don’t you love it even more when it’s within walking distance?

I just discovered Green Fine Salad Co., which serves amazing salads and wraps just three blocks from my office.

I ate there for the first time on Tuesday. My taste buds led me back for more on Wednesday. Today, I can almost still taste the roasted beets and candied pecans of my “Chef-Jam hand-held.”

I doubt Green will replace The Market as my absolute, walkable, go-to place for lunch, dinner, coffee, dessert, wine, and even granola bars if I’m in a pinch. It probably won’t fill the place in my heart where Kaos Pizzeria resides (walkable-from-home, delicious brick-oven pizza, garden so cute you’ll squeal). Still, Green is really good, and really walkable.

What’s your favorite walkable lunch place?


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