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Allergies, Snow, and Duffeyrolls

April 3, 2012

DuffeyrollFact: It’s not fair to have to deal with allergies and snow at the same time.

You’re stifling sneezes every five minutes. The back of your throat has that scratchy tickle feeling. And your eyes are watery and stinging.

A small mercy is that you can keep your irritated eyes mostly closed, as the wet, driving snow that’s smacking your face allows you to open your eyes only in brief intervals—just long enough to determine that you’ haven’t walked off the sidewalk into traffic and to let a little more pollen in.

You consider yourself a saint for going a block and a half out of your way to pick up two dozen mini-ADuffeyrolls to share during today’s afternoon staff meeting.

It was a mere 36 hours ago that you were wearing shorts and and a tank-top, sitting on the front porch, kicking a flip-flopped foot slowly as you watched your veggie burger brown on the grill.

It’s a 3-block walk from the train station to your office, in which time, you’ve cursed under your breath 18 times.

By the time you get to your office, yank off your wet coat and wipe the snot off your top lip, you determine you’ve done enough already today to earn yourself a Duffeyroll.


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