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NYC takes a lesson from Denver

May 22, 2012
Denver B-cycle bike share

Est. 2010

New Yorkers may pride themselves on always being first, but their city just became the eighth U.S. city to implement a bike-share program (two years behind your favorite Mile-high City and mine, Denver!).

Admittedly, NYC’s bike share, “Citi Bike,” will be about 10 times the size of the Denver B-cycle, so I guess they needed a little extra time to get their act together. This recent development in bike-sharing sparked a cool article in the Atlantic called “The Next Great Technology Platfrom: The Bicycle.”

In this article, writer Jason Severs credits bikes with enabling self-expression, building community cohesion, creating social spaces, and capturing human behavior data, and changing our relationships to one another. Way to go, bikes!

Here are some lines from the article that stood out to me:

  • “The bicycle is the most commonly used mode of transportation around the world.”
  • “Most people remember their first bike …”
  • “The bike is an inherently social machine. It has no walls; it’s human powered and we can all … try our hand at hacking and repairing them.”
  • “Imagine a future where cities go beyond bike lanes and build the urban environment around bikes. What would a bike highway look like?”

Go ahead, read the article!


P.S. Thanks for sharing the article with me, Tom!

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