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When I was nine years old …

June 12, 2012
Amy, Alicia, Lori

From left to right: me, surrogate big sister, biological big sister

When I was nine years old, I went to a frat party at DePauw University. The bouncer asked for ID at the door, so I pulled out my library card and held it up for him.

That’s one of Alicia’s favorite memories of me as a kid. Since she’s one of my oldest sister’s oldest friends, Alicia can remember about as many years of my life as I can.

I now live far away from my biological sisters, and Alicia and I both live in the Denver metro area, so she’s become kind of a surrogate big sister to me. She does sisterly things for me like:

  • Inviting me over for cook-outs,
  • Getting me job interviews,
  • Giving me her extra set of mixing bowls when she moved in with her boyfriend,
  • Letting me stay at her place in Breckenridge to go skiing,
  • Recommending trustworthy real estate agents,
  • Setting me up on (wildly successful) blind dates, and
  • Sharing cool CNN articles about state rankings for bike-friendliness.

Alicia and I were both proud to see Colorado in the top 10 bike-friendly states!


P.S. The underage frat party incident was during Li’l Sibs Weekend, so it was kosher.

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