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Do I look like a professional cyclist?

August 30, 2012

With the USA Pro Cycling Challenge that just went through Colorado, professional cycling is in the news quite a bit here, and I have to say: I’m really not interested in it.

As a primarily commuter cyclist, I don’t generally put myself in the same category as professional cyclists.

They ride fast on super-light bikes to get medals and sponsorships. I ride fairly slowly on a sturdy bike to get to work.

However, when I saw this video from People for Bikes, I felt a new solidarity with my lycra-clad brethren.

In the video, five pro U.S. cyclists tell their stories of crashes with cars and their thoughts on bike safety. They share their fears, express their ideas, and show us their scars—literally.

Just like me, they deal with negligent motorists, wreckless motorists, ignorant motorists. The main difference is that they deal with them a LOT more hours of the day than I do. The video gets a little cheesy at the end, with its unrealistic “Can’t we all just get along?” message, but I took away another message:

Commuters, pros, joy-riders—we all share some common experiences. Fist pump to cyclists everywhere in the name of bike safety!


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