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Beer on the Bus

March 5, 2013

2947Last week on the bus ride home from work, the man sitting next to me reached into his bag, pulled out a can of beer, popped it open, and began drinking.

I have never seen seen someone drink beer on the bus before.

At first, I thought maybe it was one of those energy drinks. But when I stole a few quick looks at the tall-boy can, I could see “Keystone” written up the side of it. I think it was Keystone Ice.

The man didn’t try to hide the can, or the fact that he was drinking it. After living and Metro-ing in D.C., for two and a half years, I often feel anxious just sipping my coffee out of a travel mug.

As the bus reached his stop, the man tilted his head back to finish the beer, put the empty can back in his bag, zipped it up, and got off the bus.


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