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about the blog
This blog explores what it means to be car-free in the 21st century. Heck, if the mood strikes, it might even explore what it was, or will be, like to be car-free in some other century.

When you come to No Car Go, here’s what you can reasonably expect to find:

  • Celebrations of the many and varied benefits of a car-free life
  • Lamentions of the many and varied limitations of a car-free life
  • Promotions of community around a car-free culture
  • Tips on how to get around car-free
  • Meanderings on the car-free experience

Come to No Car Go often for information, inspiration, and a laugh now and then. And feel free to pitch in your own helpful information, inspiring remarks, and hilarious experiences in the comments sections.

about the blogger

Amy Vaerewyck

My name is Amy Vaerewyck. I’m originally from LaPorte, Indiana, a small town which is notable for its perpetually flooded but lovely lakes and its mysterious high school mascot, the Slicer. I earned a bachelor’s degree, studying journalism, German, and English, from Butler University in Indianapolis before moving to Fort Collins, Colorado, to participate in the AmeriCorps program. While there, I learned how to ski and how to make a mean cappuccino. Later, I moved to Boulder, where I earned a master’s degree in Creative Writing and learned how to live in utopia. Then, I left the mountains and moved to Washington, D.C. where I worked for the Jane Goodall Institute’s Roots & Shoots youth program as Communications Manager. After some months of travel and language study in lovely, lovely Italy, I heeded the mountains’ call to return. Currently, I work as a web writer for the University of Colorado Denver in the sunny, Mile-high City.

I’ve been car-free since 2006 when my Nissan Sentra breathed its last breath. Since then, I’ve walked, run, biked, bussed, subway-ed, and carpool-ed my way through life. As a result, I’ve got stronger legs, a weaker carbon footprint, and a lot more respect for high-quality umbrellas.

Interested in more of my writing? Check out my online portfolio.

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